Actual Research Projects

Medical Imaging Processing using AI

Biomedical Image Analysis using Deep Learning Platform

Anomaly Detection

Datacenter : CPU and Memory Smart Anomaly Detection

Pattern Recognition

Hybrid Pattern Recognition: Face and Speech

Previous Research projects

Analysis of Memory Performance: Mixed Ranked Across Microarchitectures

Deep Learning Hardware Platform: Face matching and Speech recognition Tools

Faster SSL: Hardware and Software Acceleration Solutions

Improving cycle-level simulation, Archi’09 — Plomeur Bodou, France .

Improving cycle-level the modular simulation by Vectorization , HiPEAC’09 — Paphos, Cyprus-2009.

Improving multi/many core cycle-level simulator, Workshop on Massively multiprocessor and multicore computers, 2010— Rocquencourt, France 2010.

Heterogeneous Multiprocessor SoC Design: A hardware Oriented approach. HPCS’10, Leipzig, Germany-2010.

Heterogeneous Multiprocessor SoC Design: Hardware bridging and exploration methodology.ESA’10. Las Vegas, USA - 2010.

Modular Simulator Acceleration, ISC’10, Hamburg, Germany- 2010.

Acceleration of modular simulation by vectorization of the UNISIM Modules, SYMPA’10. Toulouse, France - 2010.